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Amazing Adventures (1970) #11 VF/NM
Amazing Adventures (1970) #11 (VF/NM)
1st New Beast, Black C
White Pages, 1st Hairy Beast
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Amazing Spider-Man #31 NM-
Amazing Spider-Man #31 (NM-)
1st Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy
White Pages, 1st Harry Osbourne & Gwen Stacy
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Amazing Spider-Man #58 NM-
Amazing Spider-Man #58 (NM-)
Black C
White Pages
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Amazing Spider-Man #59 NM
Amazing Spider-Man #59 (NM)
Nice MJ C
White Pages, 1st Mary Jane Cover
$325.00 SOLD

Avengers #2 VF/NM
Avengers #2 (VF/NM)
Space Phantom
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Avengers #8 VF+
Avengers #8 (VF+)
1st Kang
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Avengers #16 VF/VF+
Avengers #16 (VF/VF+)
1st New Team
White Pages 1st New Team
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Batman #222 NM-
Batman #222 (NM-)
Beatles, Adams C
White pages, Adams Beatles Cover
$475.00 SOLD

Catman #3 F-
Catman #3 (F-)
1/2 Last Page missing, sharp with 3 pieces of tape inside spine, Hitler/Mussolini Cover
$675.00 SOLD

Catman #10 VG-
Catman #10 (VG-)
cream to off white pages, tape inside cover
$575.00 SOLD

Detective Comics #168 VG
Detective Comics #168 (VG)
Origin of Joker, SCARCE!
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Detective Comics #408 NM
Detective Comics #408 (NM)
Adams C/A
White Pages Adams Cover Art
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Detective Comics #411 VF+
Detective Comics #411 (VF+)
Adams C
White Pages, 1st Talia
$225.00 SOLD

Fantastic Four #24 VF+
Fantastic Four #24 (VF+)
Infant Terrible
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Fantastic Four #26 VF/VF+
Fantastic Four #26 (VF/VF+)
Hulk, Avengers
part 2 of the Hulk/Thing Battle
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Fantastic Four #112 NM-
Fantastic Four #112 (NM-)
Classic Hulk vs Thing
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Journey Into Mystery (Pre-Hero) #82 VF+
Journey Into Mystery (Pre-Hero) #82 (VF+)
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Journey Into Mystery (Thor) #85 F-
Journey Into Mystery (Thor) #85 (F-)
1st Loki
1st Loki
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Marvel Mystery Comics #60 VG
Marvel Mystery Comics #60 (VG)
White Pages, War Cover
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Marvel Tales (Golden Age) #105 F
Marvel Tales (Golden Age) #105 (F)
White Pages, Heath Cover, Colan Art
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Silver Surfer #1 VF+
Silver Surfer #1 (VF+)
White pages, tiny name stamp 1st page margin
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True Crime #3 VG/F
True Crime #3 (VG/F)
Classic Jack Cole
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Venus #18 VG+
Venus #18 (VG+)
Classic Everett Cover art
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Wonder Comics #12 VF
Wonder Comics #12 (VF)
Ingels Cover
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X-Men #2 NM-
X-Men #2 (NM-)
1st Vanisher
White Pages, small ship date
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