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The Superworld Comics Team

Joe Fish, Ted VanLiew, Jose Rivera and Lisa VanLiew

We here at Superworld are know for our silly ads and promotions , but we are serious about comics.
Whether you are looking for high grade investment comics and art or selling your comic collection, you can trust our knowledge and
experience to get you the best possible deals. Meet us at shows around the country!

The Fantastic Foursome of Superworld Comics


Ted VanLiew (Reed Richards)

Our Captain of Comics here at Superworld, Ted keeps abreast of all things comic. A twelve year advisor for the Overstreet Price Guide, Ted can steer you in the right direction if you a looking for the next horizon in your collecting travels.

Lisa VanLiew (Sue Richards)

Lisa runs the office and keeps us on task.Just like Sue Richards she keeps the boys from getting too crazy.

She also is in charge of our silly banners and ads.

Jose Rivera (The Thing)

Our enforcer at the shows and our primo packer and shipper when we are at home, Jose knows the inventory as well as Ted, and is happy to help take your orders.

Don't miss Jose at the Chicago Wizard show every year for his amazing costumes.

Joe Fish (The Human Torch)

The newest member of our team, Joe is our Ebay specialist and resident expert on bronze and modern comics. He can put together lots in record time and he also helps us old folks with emergent technology like chat boards and other digital stuff.




This is my fifth order since July last year, and I have to say that I am so impressed with the quality of everything. Your website, the ordering and shipping process and most important the quality of the comics. I have bought several expensive comics from the big online stores that had significant writings/markings on them that were not described on the website. I know now that if you do not write a comment, then the comics are in exactly the condition you rate them as. And that is so important for me when buying the expensive older issues.

Always a pleasure, keep up the good work. From a very satisfied customer.

Hey Ted,

I just got your comic in the mail today and wanted to send you a message to let you know how satisfied I was with the entire experience. You responded promptly to each message, worked with me on the price and securely sent the comic out the same day. I don't think I could ask for anything else!

Hi, I just wanted to commend Superworld for their service at the Boston Comicon yesterday. Both gentlemen were extremely helpful and their passion for comic books was evident. I purchased Captain America 101 CGC 9.2 for a great price and it made my first Comicon a great experience. I must have walked the entire event floor 6 times and each time I kept coming back to Superworld. The selection of high grade books was amazing. Having the brief conversation with the gentlemen (Ted I believe) about Neil Adams Batman specifically Batman 227 the Demon at Gothos Mansion was great. It really showed me that Superworld isn't just a business. The employees love this stuff. I look forward to more business with Superworld and plan to venture out to Holden for a day trip with my sons. Again thank you for exceeding my expectations at Comicon.


"Hi Ted


"Hi Lisa I did indeed receive my latest order, two days ago, and I was delighted.
So much so that I am still delighted. Best Wishes"


Got the Double Page Spread and love it. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your great customer service,
packaging, and communication.

I keep buying from you guys because I have found you to be the easiest to deal with by far out of the half dozen or so dealers that I have tried,now I don’t even bother with anyone else.

"Hey Ted Very pleased with the books and your super accurate grading,
you will definitely be hearing from me more this summer."


"Hi Lisa and Ted
Wow wow WOW, Thanks Lisa!!! Superworld is the best!!!
My friend will be very happy your action comics are really nice!!
What a comic!! Many thanks again"

"Dear Ted and Lisa
Your website is great, your services are personal and quick,
and the condition and packaging of the issue I ordered is excellent!
A very Satisfied customer."


Hey Ted :-D

Mailman came and wow!! The books look absolutely beautiful.

As always ur the best ;-)

Have a great week and il be shopping soon. Best site and friend/dealer

Thanks again :-)