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Check New Arrivals for books that have been added in the past 30 days only.
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Your personal Superworld account.
In order to use some of the features on Superworldcomics.com,
you will need to create a 'My Superworld' account.
Features that require you to log in are:
Bidding and Buy it now and Want List matching.

Logging in requires you to sign in with your name and e-mail address in the My Superworld Section.
If you have purchased from us in the past and you are using a new email address, you may get a
message that you are already in our database. For convenience, just sign it with a slightly
different name RE: Johnny instead of John, etc.

Superworld will NEVER sell or share your information! We will occasionally send you an
email message if we are going to be in your area for a show or if we are having a
big sale - 3 or 4 times a year.

Find something you like, and buy it any time.
We have recently added a BUY it NOW feature to the site so that if you
are shopping in the evening when we are not open, you can still order a book.
Usually the day after you place our order, you will receive an invoice from us.
(Occasionally, the book has already been sold. We are working hard to
update our inventory!)

Then you can pay us with
Credit Card : Call us at (508) 829-2259

Mail a check, or money order to
Superworld Comics
456 Main St., Suite F (for fun)
Holden, MA 01520

Insured shipping by Priority Mail in a box is usually $6.50. International orders are
charged by weight. You can combine orders for less cost.

Most of our comic books are available to bid on . Make us an offer!
NOT available for bidding are:
Half Price comics which are already discounted by 50%,
Brand new hot titles. These books remain as Buy it Now for 90 days.
After 90 days you should see it available for bid.
We may take 48 hours to respond to your bid. You will receive notification
of counter offers or rejected offers. If you bid is rejected because we no longer have the book
we will also send a personal email.


Once you are logged in, you can enter your comic book want list by entering the
titles, numbers and grades you are looking for. The website will save your list ,
and anytime we put a book in the database that matches your list,
you will receive an instant email notification.
Our customers love this feature because they never miss out on a rare comic book!

If you experience a problem logging in or buying/bidding on a book,
please contact us so that we can correct it immediately.